Secret Garden Retreats
Relax by the river - meditate & connect deeply - breakthrough
pamper yourself with yoga & massage
Find what you are looking for . . . within

Your retreat starts with us!

We specialise in personalized retreats. 
The transformative magic in our retreats happens due to a combination of elements such as meditation,
yoga and meditative stretching, in depth personal support and coaching, deep rest, remote nature location,
silence, organic delicious meals, intuitive massages, hot tub and a dedicated staff.

As a guest you can create a personal retreat package or join one of our many retreats scheduled through the year.

Pamper yourself with yoga, meditation & great food in beautiful nature resort,
while enjoying the company of like-minded people.
Or enjoy a silent retreat in meditation & contemplation.
Or maybe you need a change and are ready for a breakthrough.

What people say
"The Secret Garden Retreat is a peaceful hideaway in a pristine valley with orchards and a bubbling river. It is the perfect place for rest, recuperation and contemplation. The accommodation is delightful and Rose and Ian are the perfect hosts. Highly recommended"
Annie S. Cornwall UK
  1. "A perfect place to unwind and reset. Ian, your yoga sessions were most powerful. Your keen knowledge of the body has helped me to feel so much better in my own body every day, and less pain. Rose, your cooking was just sublime. Can't thank you both enough!

    Jim H. Amsterdam NL

  2. "This retreat has taken me so far that I can't stop meditating! I do it everyday now without any effort. This is a miracle for me. You have created there something very pure and special!"

    Leah, London UK

"Home is where the heart is"