About Us
The Secret Garden is an 11-acre eco-resort situated on the banks of the rio de Genal in the beautiful mountains of Andalucia. We specialize in personalized retreats. We are passionate about creating the most conducive environment for people to slow down, relax, go within and connect deeply to themselves and to the Source of where all love comes from. We pull on the arts of meditation, yoga, masssage, persoanl coaching, delicious food and unspoilt nature. We are a non-commercial venture and our help and support is highly individualized. This way people will have the greatest possible outcome of their time here.
“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible,
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
St. francis of Assisi.
Meet The Team
  1. rose tol
    Rose Tol
    For over 20 years, she has taught meditation and traveled the world to set up 8 meditation centers in the USA, Europe and Australia. Rose has a Phd in Nutrition and is a licensed family mediator. She is the founder of the Be the Change Project. Her long extensive experience shows in her ability to provide personal guidance and support for each person to find their way within effortlessly. Her deep compassion and non-judgmental listening will have you be comfortable and able to reach for your highest potential.
  2. Ian tolmay
    Ian Tolmay
    Ian Tolmay grew up in South Africa and knew from an early age that the only way to alleviate man kinds suffering, and his own suffering, is by finding the light, the truth and unconditional love in his heart. He is passionate about meditation and all ways of going within and finding the things that are in the way and stop us from being the love, light and truth we want to be. His own personal transformation has brought him much knowledge and understanding about the body and what it needs to open so that the healing and transformational power of God can flow throw us.
Rose's deep compassion and Ian's relentless passion are a guarantee for a successful weekend in every way.